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About DIY Life

I’m not an expert on maintaining that perfect work-life balance, eating well, staying fit, or– god forbid– giving advice. I’m mostly known for my enviable power tool collection, short temper, inability to say no to crazy-big projects, and the telltale trail of sawdust that seems to follow me wherever I go.

What I do have a knack for is telling my story. I’ve been blogging (mostly about DIY and home improvement related things) since 2004, which adds up to a lot of hours after midnight sitting at my computer waxing philisophic about stuff like drywall and tile grout.

It may come as a shock to some of the readers of DIYdiva, but I actually have a more-than-full-time job that has nothing to do with power tools, and several other often neglected hobbies like martial arts, photography, cooking, gardening, and hugging miniature donkeys. (Okay, that last one isn’t a surprise at all, but seriously, could there be a better hobby?) The problem is that I haven’t found a way to manage all of the different things I love to do in my life along with all of the things I should do in my life (like regularly showering and eating food that doesn’t come out of a box) but never seem to have time for.

That’s what DIY Life is all about… using the DIY philosophy that has gotten me through some really big construction projects (DIY house addition, anyone?) and applying it to the rest of my life. You can read more about my motivation here.

What you’ll find here aren’t quick tips or magic formulas that will change your life. Change is a journey and this is nothing more than a chronicle of my experiments in creativity, cooking, photography, philosophy, and finding a little more balance in my life.

And if all else fails, you can usually find me banging on something with a hammer.



DIY diva