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Photo Treasure Hunt: Week 1

September 10, 2012 | 8 Comments | Photography
DIY diva

Back in January I had a lofty goal of maintaining some balance in my life this year–you know, instead of becoming a little sawdust-covered hermit who spends all of her time locked up in a room with her power tools. That lasted, oh, about a month before I unexpectedly bought a house, and then had a six-month deadline to finish a long list of difficult repairs, and somewhere in that span of time forgot what it was like to be an actual normal human with hobbies outside of moving an entire barn into a dumpster by hand.

For the last six months, my life has been about the house… but now the bank list is finished, and in the spirit of digging down through the sawdust to try and find all those buried pieces that make up the rest of me, I signed up for a 30 Day Photo Treasure Hunt through Superhero Photo.

In the last 6 months I’ve exclusively taken pictures of the house (mostly with my iPhone) and have only cropped an edited a handful for DIYdiva, so this has been a great excuse to get the real camera out and get my brain tuned back in to looking for interesting shots.

Here are my treasures from Week 1…

Day 7: Someone Jumping


It took jumping off my picnic table into the grass eighty-seven times to get this picture. I knew I wanted one of those weightless up-in-the-air kind of jumping photos, and the trick is to position the camera as low as possible (angled up) so the sky is the background. Or have a much higher vertical leap than I do.  The first twenty shots were just me figuring out how to time a jump to the two-second delay on the remote for my camera, and the rest were trying to get my legs up high enough that they were above the horizon line.

Here’s one of the earlier shots…


What I learned was 1.) the loose top and bracelet (which just happened to be what I was wearing to dinner this night) had to go, since it created weird shapes for the silhouette. And 2.) having any part of my body below the horizon line really anchored me to the ground and didn’t give me that floating effect I wanted. In fact, it kind of looks like I’m about to belly-flop onto the grass (which may or may not have been the case.)

I probably have just as much air in the second picture as the first one, but I lowered the camera about two feet and went with a “knees up” shot and it made all the difference.

In retrospect I might have gone with a black tank instead of a white one, but this is what happens when you forget to put the stuff from the washing machine into the dryer…

Day 6: Twilight


This week most of my photos were taken at the Liberty House, but frankly, with sunsets like these would you take the picture anywhere else?

Okay, truth is I phoned this one in a bit, since sunset is technically before twilight. And I can’t even type that word without thinking of vampires now, so I’m just going to stop.

Day 5: Heart On Your Path


This was a struggle for me because my brain just isn’t tuned in to see heart-like shapes out and about. I thought I might have to skip this one and then, as I was just barely keeping control of the riding mower this morning (as usual), I caught a glimpse of this leaf on a low-hanging branch just a split second before it hit me smack in the face. Talk about something being “in your path”… I like to think of it as a love-tap from my yard.

Day 4: Ugly-Beautiful


I’m clearly digging the vintage filters this week, but it definitely works with these pictures so I’m going with it. I risked being shot by my hillbilly neighbors who live down the road to get a picture of the falling-down barn and a sad old VW van on their property.


Day 3: Secret Message


Grow. Had to fudge it a bit with the Q, but the message is definitely appropriate for me these days. I’ve pushed all kinds of limits in the last six months, stepped far far outside my comfort zone a few times, and if you’re going to grow, I’m pretty sure that’s how you do it.

Plus, you know, I’m still hoping for a post-thirty growth spurt that will allow me to finally reach the top shelf of the cabinets without climbing on the counter. Could happen, right?

Day 2: Look Up


Just getting into the swing of things with this one. A little uninspired but the sun behind the cloud made it a kind of interesting shot. Plus I can never get enough of the view from my backyard.

Day 1: From Where I Stand


Least favorite of my photos so far. The prompt was, obviously, “from where I stand” and where I stand most often is that place where the pavement ends and the dirt road begins. I really like the concept, but this is horrible execution… I have a few ideas on how to make it better though (first, ditch the paint covered crocs), and that’s kind of what this treasure hunt is all about.


DIY diva


  • Guerrina

    Kit, these are really beautiful photos! On the last one try it barefoot and use B&W. I really like the old barn and your final leap. As for zombies? Check out an artist at this site: Saw his work at the annual Mystic Art Festival…cracked me up in the middle of the street and even though we’ve never met, I thought, “Kit would love this!”

  • F

    You need (needed) a break from the house. Nice pics!

  • Ama

    Love the pics. As someone who is 35 and still waiting for my promised growth spurt I can sympathize. Chairs are rarely at my table but can instead be found in front of cupboards and closets. In fact, this is being written standing at the kitchen counter because the chairs are once again scattered around the house.

  • Heather

    Perhaps for the first one, one of your “on the roof” shots?

  • KC

    Great creative photos! I actually HAVE that VW in my garage. But mine would actually run if I just put a new battery in it. Sad old thing. And I LOVE old barns! I did a whole essay of them for my photo-journalism class in college! Glad to see you are trying to chill and have a little fun!

    • KC

      Oh yeah – and Redbuds are my very favorite tree!! I have planted at least one on every property I’ve ever owned, they are beautiful in the spring! Add the heart-shaped leaves and…

  • Brian

    Great photos… but what is that thing on top of the vw? It looks like a big fuzzy, purple, people eater or something. I suppose a little marijuana is needed for a proper interpretation?

  • Kimberly

    If you have a dislike of the word twilight you could use dusk, which always reminds me of Anne of Windy Poplars. Your obsession with naming things also reminds me of the Anne books.

    I will admit to liking Twilight, I read it before New Moon was published (if that really makes any difference). One thing I have learned as I have gotten older is to just ignore other peoples’ opinions. Life is too short, so do what makes you happy. It can be hard to step back from the repugnant crazy fandom, and give things a fair chance. But often if something is popular, there is a something redeeming about it. There are many books that I have not enjoyed, though I try and not be too hard on books where I know I am not the target audience. It took me years to read the Harry Potter books, but when I was bored and picked up the first one lying around my sister’s house I found that I really enjoyed it. That was the end of my book snobbery.