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Jumpstart: Photography

January 8, 2012 | 2 Comments | Creativity, Featured
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Next to building stuff (which started around the time I was two, and hasn’t stopped since) taking pictures is my longest running hobby. It’s also my most-often neglected hobby, unless you count all those step-by-step pictures I take of my projects.


I mean, every once in a while I’ll get a little creative with some old tools or old buildings, but it’s rare for me take pictures just for the sake of taking pictures.


Although, I have been getting a little more creative with my self-portraits-with-tools series for the Family Handyman magazine…


All in all though, I’d like to be a little better with the camera. If my pictures turn out well I don’t fool myself into believing it’s anything other than a combination of good natural lighting, Photoshop, and dumb luck with the manual settings.

I have a lot of other things I need to get structured in my life before I’d be able to successfully devote any real time to playing with my camera (and frankly it’s easier in summer when it doesn’t get dark just after lunch time), but here are some Photography resources I’ve been keeping an eye on.

365 Days & 52 Weeks self-portrait projects on Flickr- This is one of those projects that really stretches your creativity and skill-under-pressure. I love the idea of big challenges like this, and of having a community to help hold you accountable.

Superhero Photo & Elevate The Ordinary classes – Six week self-paced photography classes that are about more than aperture and shutter speed, but seeing your life through a different lens. ($99) I’ve got it in my head to sign up for the February class, if I’ve managed to buy property and get my house plans finalized by then.

Phlearn – Great free Photoshop tutorials from Aaron Nace, whose work inspires me to do more whimsical things with my own photography.

 Blurb – Blurb isn’t necessarily just for photobooks, but the few I’ve done have turned out awesome. I’m very slowly working my way through the story of the Memorial House using the InDesign plugin for maximum flexibility. I’ve also committed to doing a family recipe book this year which means a lot of cooking (and eating) along with more pictures.

I’m also pretty frequently posting inspirational photos and tips onto my Photography Pinterest board. Any other photo-geeks like me out there have great resources to share?

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  • Steen

    Go see Great tutorials on simpel use of lights. Love your site – great inspiration.


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