DIY diva
DIY diva

The Convoluted Path To Awesome: From Skulls to Volunteerism

DIY diva

What you’re about to read is the result of a mild case of ADD coupled with the all-encompassing power of Google, a dash of writers block, and four Christmas cookies worth of sugar thrown in for good measure. (Inhaling sawdust is usually my drug of choice, but catch me on a bad day around Christmas I’d be willing to cut someone for a bag of those little frosted cookies with sprinkles.)

So originally this post wasn’t supposed to be about happy accidents or Christmas cookies, it was supposed to be about skulls. Specifically, the pattern of the wood grain on one of the doors at work which my brain likes to interpret as a leering skull, staring at my face while I conduct meetings.

(You see it, right?)

Anyway, I thought there was some kind of interesting idea there about creativity and looking at everyday objects differently. I took this picture, started to write a post, and whatever idea I was trying to get at just wasn’t coming together for me. Since the way this site is designed each post needs a horizontal image that can be used as the thumbnail and featured image at the top of the page, whenever I’m having a hard time with writing I take a break and sift through my photo archives or the internet for something that will make a suitable header.

This is what followed…

DIY diva


  • kc

    A convoluted path got me to this article…and I loved it, cuz it is the story of my life! Yes, ADD! But I learn WAY more on the convoluted path than those intent on getting from point A to point B without diverging from the straight line.

    Well, except sometimes I NEED to get to point B, and I never do. Or I’m late.

    But I digress.

    The point is, and you know this to be true, is that it is those willing to take the convoluted path who are filled with wonder and curiosity, passion to know and understand the world around them, who find new discoveries around every corner. and who learn something new everyday.

    These are the creative ones, the inventors, the entrepreneurs, the artists, the contemplatives and thinkers. What a great life!

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  • George

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  • Steven

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